+33 (0) 6 65 66 70 48 is a Pelouses Vertes brand, Pelouses Vertes is the expert about artificial grass for sports and landscaping.

To be able to offer the best products and services, it's better to know everything about synthetic grass. That's how we work.
Created by Stephane Delière, our company is managed by a paintball player knew in paintball world.



We offer recycled turf and we do it by offering you the best products for paintball activities. All turf are controlled to garantie a good paintball field construction.

We are knew and recommanded by the biggest tournament in europe (CPS & Millennium Series) and by most of the best paintball Club in France, we are proud to say than we made the best paintball fields in France.




Padded Turf

Padded turf give you confort as never. It's the perfect playground to train serveral hours, it will reduce the risk of injury and material break.

This is a longer life product because of the pad.

Unpadded Turf

This is a short turf with polyamide pills, that provides a extrem resistance to friction. The pill density, Equal to the padded turf, will prevent the paintball shell and other pollution to go through the pill.

A simple brush/blower will help you to keep the perfect clean look and keep the slide you need on the turf.

An economical product for the best quality.

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